Membrane Protein Services in Protein Identification

membrane-proteinReferring to the cellular function, membrane protein should be the last to be mentioned due to its wide applilcation range and the critical pharmaceutical importance. The common membrane proteins are receptors and ion channels.

The GPCRs are the most versatile and largest group of membrane receptors and it also plays a very vital role in some disease conditions, including metabolic, cancer and so on. And ion channels is another group of membrane protein drug targets.

However, in protein identification related experiments, the samples of membrane protein are notoriously difficult to prepare in pure, correctly-folded form in sufficient quantity for drug purpose.

In order to solve this problem, we are going to share some details related to membrane protein services.

  1. Samples are needed to be purified from cytoplasm, cell culture supernatants and periplasm.
  2. Utilizing buffer and detergent screening for solubilization and purification.
  3. Using Pho1D4, His, GST or strep tags to purify samples.
  4. To purify crystallization-ready, homogeneous protein fraction furtherly.


These are basic steps for the laboratory to prepare membrane protein samples. These purification conditions are optimized in small scale. And according to the protein of interest, upscaling can be done up to mg amounts.

Despite the difficulty to prepare it, there are still many biotech companies developing this service to help labs to access to their projects.