A Brief Look at Several Services Belonging to Protein Identification

protein-identificationProtein identification, a very significant analytical methods in biology, is applied in all kinds of biological research experiments. Taking a brief look at its services can be helpful for selection of them in different experiments.

Shotgun Protein Identification

Shotgun protein identification was arose from the difficulties of using previous technologies to separate complex mixtures. This kind of service refers that to identify proteins by using bottom-up proteomics techniques, including high performance liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry technique. The most commonly used approach for shotgun proteomics is beginning with the protein in the mixture, which is being digested and the resulting peptides are separated by the LC technique.

Membrane Protein Identification

Membrane proteins are very important for pharmaceutical importance due to its existence in nearly two thirds of known drugable target. It also a key regulators, receptors and ion channels in cellular function. This type of service includes following items:

  1. Purification from cytoplasm, periplasm and cell culture supernatants.
  2. Buffer and detergent screening
  3. Affinity purification
  4. Further purification steps


De Novo Protein Sequence Analysis

De novo protein sequence analysis is an analytical process for deriving ammino acid sequence from its tandem mass spectrum without in the presence of sequence database. It is mainly applied in a given database to find target peptide. And its obvious advantage lies in working for both database and novel peptides.

A brief look on these services gives a clear selection in protein identification. There are many other services, such as purity analysis of peptides or proteins, sample preparation and so on.